WOW Update


Sorry to disappoint the World of Warcraft fans, but there’s a new WOW on the block! World of Warships is going to be an arcade style naval simulator, and boy does it look good. Everything about World of Warships has been kept top secret except the lucky few testers, the only news we have received has been straight from the horses mouth, even that was basic. The game is currently in early stages of testing and all players are bound by a NDA except one. Luckily for us The Mighty Jingles was given special permission to upload a gameplay video to youtube for us. For me the game looks epic, however Jingles is running a good rig, and the fact that he only seems to be getting around 50-60 fps could mean that lower end pc’s may struggle to even play it. However i’m sure that his settings were maxed out for enjoyment purposes. So if you would like to check out the video, it can be found HERE.

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