I wanted to write this article as a way of expressing my opinion of artillery in warfare games and how I play them. I have only recently started playing War Thunder but from what I can see, artillery can only be called in on a certain area and is not controlled by the player itself. When artillery is called on a spot you currently inhabit you get a big warning on the screen, if you do not heed this notice then you only have yourself to blame.

World of Tanks is a totally different story though… I have over 500 games or so in arty, and I am by no means an expert, so people may disagree with what I write. That’s fine by me as this is just my opinion based on what I know.

I am currently working along the German SPG line, i’m at the GW Panther at the moment, but I have unlocked the GW Tiger. I have also unlocked the M44, but that is it as far as artillery goes for me. I gave up on arty many times, but I was always curious.

I believe that RNG is the most annoyingly brilliant thing imaginable. 80% of it is skill and the rest is luck. When you’re lining up a shot you have to consider the elevation changes between yourself and the target vehicle, their proximity to cover, and who can take advantage of any tracking damage you may do to them. Another thing to note as well is your own tank, you will want to position yourself on flat terrain if possible, I believe this increases accuracy, and it also effects(increases) the travel distance of the shell. If you can help it try not to take snapshots, if you have to, then do so, but you have to remember that you have a longer reload the higher the tier, so you need to make every shot count.

Knowing the correct positions to shoot from is important, as each gun will have a different firing arc horizontally and vertically.  Take this image below as an example of a vertical gun arc . The Conqueror Gun Carriage is vastly superior to other tier 10 tanks. This means you can shoot over obstacles a lot easier than the other tanks. Most tanks will think they are safely tucked away behind a rock and will be stationary meaning it will be easier to catch them out. The downside of this though will be the lack of distances the shell can cover as they will have a lower velocity than other guns.artillery arc

The last bit is all down to luck, artillery rng doesn’t work the same as the rest of the tanks in game. All tanks in the game have been programmed to shoot towards the center of the aiming circle more often than not(stationary tanks), this is not the case with artillery, so you will need to be aware.




I borrowed the image above as an example. I would always tend to aim towards the rear of the tank as I find it has a higher percentage of hitting the vehicle as the shell will have to fly over the vehicle to land behind it. Always remember though that your shell has a chance of landing anywhere in the aiming circle so make sure you’re fully aimed.

People seem to think that arty players just sit and click, but this is wrong. When I play arty I am constantly looking at the map. You not only have to look for tanks to shoot, but you also have to look for weaknesses in the enemies defence, and your own as well. If you are sitting on the right side of the map and see that flank collapsing, you need to get the hell out of there. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can start shooting again. The biggest mistake for lesser artillery players is lack of map awareness. Most players don’t realise they are being shot until they are surrounded and leave map view.

The amount of damage done is also a pain in the derrière for most. The least amount of armour on the tank is usually on top, as you would only hope to face your enemies head on in battle. As standard arty’s shoot High Explosive which has a lower penetration rate, however if you can hit a nice flat bit of armour on top of a vehicle it is highly likely you will do a lot of damage. The open turreted tanks are usually 1 shot kill if you can hit it flush in the turret.

Artillery definitely has a place in war games, it’s a different perspective on the battlefield and is by no means as easy as people point out. Usually you’re at fault for your own demise, or the artillery player was just better than you, or rng decided it wanted you eradicated from the game. Your own artillery can help dismantle a tank that is bothering you, or clear the path ahead(sometimes your own team lol) so when you get a good one on your team they can be the difference. So love them or hate them, they are here to stay. Hopefully Armored Warfare can make a few adjustments and make artillery fun to play, but not over powered. And if they can do this, I will take my hat off to them, but which one?




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