World of Tanks – The Summer Invasion

I have recently started playing World of Tanks again, I don’t know why some times. During the summer holidays this game is a bad place to be. On one hand you have all the regulars and the skilled players who like a nice calm atmosphere, on the other hand you have the children on their summer holidays. With it being a free to play game I can understand why so many younger people will want to play during their free time, it doesn’t cost them a penny!
I wish sometimes they considered the other players on their team when playing the game. When I was younger I would enjoy playing games regardless of my skill level, I didn’t think of the ramifications of my actions. World of Tanks is a rare team game where once you are dead you’re out, take cod, battlefield, forza to name a few that are popular. You die, you respawn, we don’t get that luxury. So being able to rely on your team mates is of utmost importance. I get that not all schoolkids are to blame, but the salt levels rise in the summer significantly along with Christmas.
The quality of games has already gone out the window, add to that the rage in chat, team killing, drowning, and you have the makings of a very crappy 6 weeks!


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